Friday, January 18, 2013

Great Moments In US Men's National Team History

I'm not quite sure what to make of this photo. Some off-the-cuff thoughts:

To whom were these stickers marketed? If it was to young, American soccer fans the marketing clearly failed as I was a young, American fan when this sticker was produced and I have never seen it until recently. 

That I completely forgot Celo and Lalas were on this vintage of the USMNT is a measure of just how forgettable France '98 was to American soccer fans.

Take away any mention of soccer or the bits of jersey that peak out from the bottom border of these headshots and you've got half of a grunge band...or mugshots of vegan, animal rights extremists. 

Does anyone remember Celo's insane bicycle kick goal from early on in the MLS? Also, I remember Lalas doing a 60 Minutes thing right before the '94 World Cup in which he shattered some plexiglass with a shot and also did the balance-the-ball-on-your-head-and-roll-it-forward-to-kiss-it-then-roll-it-back-on-your-forehead trick. Blew my 13 year old mind. 

Lastly, pirates. 

That is all.  

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