Monday, August 15, 2011

Touche, Manchester City, Touche...

Well, a full 72 hours after I picked Man City to finish a disappointing 4th in the Premiership table, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, and Manchester United, City's most obvious title challengers, all failed to impress, and the Sky Blues absolutely walloped poor Swansea 4-0 at Eastlands...or Etihad...or I-Wish-Maine-Road-Still-Existed Stadium after David Silva and Sergio Aguero put on a master class...

...But let's not pump the tires too much just yet. I mean, it was Swansea. It's not like City mopped the floor with United or Tottenham or even Arsenal (although, in the case of the Gunners, I bet that happens). It's early days and I still have every expectation that City will find a way to not live up to its payroll (see: Real Madrid; Miami Heat). For now, I'm kicking myself for not throwing Kun "I'm sleeping with Maradona's Daughter" Aguero into my fantasy lineup. He looked like a world beater...against Swansea. Again with the tire pumping thing.

So on to the next week of fixtures and a table top clash between Bolton and Manchester City! $10 says no one has ever written that sentence before today.

Stay tuned for a midweek post in which I field the Premier League's Best XI Hair Don'ts. Hint: Marouane Chamakh has a barber. Marouane Chamakh's barber's right hand has no fucking idea what Marouane Chamakh's barber's left hand is doing.


  1. And Joey Barton is watching a 13 year old girl through her window as we speak. Or at least that's what other people with that hairstyle are doing...

  2. And you know this because you have/had that hairstyle? Or because you're a 13 year old girl? I'm so confused.